Roofs, façades and complete systems made from aluminium: PREFA – as strong as a bull

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Who we are

PREFA has been manufacturing façades and roofs made from robust aluminium for over 75 years, which are planned and installed by competent partners to protect your home for decades. Guaranteed. 

PREFA configurator for roof & façade

Design your (dream) home with the PREFA online configurator. Choose from a variety of products and colours for your very own roof and facade design.


PREFA's complete system

Discover the benefits of the PREFA complete system: seamless transitions from roof to façade and a variety of combinations provide you with virtually limitless design options.

Now select a focus point to learn more. 

Roof system 01 : R.16 roof tile

Gables, roof hatches and curves — whether new builds or renovations, an aluminium roof adapts to virtually every roof shape. PREFA’s different products ensure a technically perfect, virtually maintenance- free roof covering.

Original accessories 02 : snow guard, solar panel supporting system,...

The individual components of PREFA’s accessories work together perfectly, guaranteeing high fitting accuracy. Manufactured from a single source, they are delivered together with all the parts required for assembly. This ensures safety and the desired durability of a PREFA complete system.

Roof drainage 03 : box gutter & square downpipe

The drainage systems that have been tried and tested for years are truly outstanding with their sophisticated and detailed technical solutions. They come in many standard colours and are also available in bespoke shades, on request.

Façade systems 04 : Sidings

Aluminium façades are durable and rust-free, and are easy to clean when slightly soiled. The different systems offer flexible design possibilities and the right solution for every building.

Flood protection solutions 05 : flood protection system

Together with our affiliated company, Neuman Aluminium Strangpresswerk, PREFA has developed a demountable flood protection system made of aluminium. This flexible solution allows buildings and properties to be efficiently protected against damage caused by floods.

The reliable partner for…: Always a solution

PREFA products are manufactured sustainably. They are durable in terms of material and colour and thus the best choice for roofs and façades. After all, only the best is good enough to protect your home.

"The solution is fantastic in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Despite the heat, we have cooler temperatures inside than with the old roof. We really did receive an all-in-one package. We didn't have to do anything; PREFA took care of everything from start to finish which was brilliant."

The Tinkl family

PREFA is on hand when good products and personal support are required. With over 70 years' experience, guaranteed product quality and comprehensive training in our international training centres, PREFA ensures completely satisfied customers.

"We have so much scope when it comes to the individual tiles that you can even compensate for unevenness in the old roof construction."

Stefan Zolynski
Foto des Architekten Engin Demirci

PREFA provides inspiration and brings your creative ideas to life. Our complete system from a single source, the broad selection of colours and a personal contact provide you with optimum conditions for your projects.

"Its weather-resistance and energy efficiency made our decision easy. Our house will also last a long time, since aluminium possesses the property of coating itself with a protective oxide layer. Nothing crumbles or flakes off, nothing rusts in bent spots."

Engin Demirci

Every individual roof and façade product is firmly attached to minimize the risk of storm damage.: 01 Storm-proof

With the unique, concealed fastenings and the special laying technique with offset joints, your PREFA aluminium roof and PREFA façade are able to withstand even high wind speeds. The number of fasteners can be increased depending on the wind load, and the type of fastening (nailed or screwed) can be adapted accordingly.

PREFA roofs and façades are completely weatherproof and guaranteed rust-proof.: 02 Rust-proof

Aluminium forms a protective layer which constantly self-regenerates to protect itself from damage. In addition, on most PREFA roofs and façades, the material is given a high-quality coil-coating finish.

Light in weight yet high in quality: 03 Lightweight

At just 2.6 kg/m², a PREFA roof weighs only a fraction of a conventional roof (approx. 35–55 kg/m²). Therefore, the weight on the roof structure of a typical detached house is reduced by up to ten tonnes! The light weight of aluminium also has a positive influence on transport and construction site times.

PREFA aluminium roofs and façades withstand even the worst weather conditions.: 04 Break-proof

Not even heavy snow loads, extreme temperature fluctuations or bad weather conditions pose a problem for PREFA aluminium roofs and façades. Aluminium’s particularly good properties and resistance are the reason for this.

A unique design for your building!: 05 attractive

PREFA offers infinite design possibilities. Choose from a variety of shapes, formats, colours, installation patterns and surfaces. In the complete system, each product, including accessories, can be perfectly colour-coordinated. Even bespoke colours are available on request in the required quantities.

With PREFA, the colour of your choice remains just the way it is.: 06 Colour-resistant

Thanks to a special coating layer, PREFA product surfaces are highly resistant to temperature and weathering. The reason for this is the coil-coating system which is applied in up to 20 processing steps.

The lightweight material means that there is no need to build an expensive substructure.: 07 Great for renovations

In the case of roof renovations, due to structural engineering reasons, old roof structures often have to be prepared so that they can cope with the extremely heavy load that they are subjected to by modern roof tiles. However, with the much lighter PREFA aluminium roof, there’s no need to make any additional reinforcements.

Roof, façade and many more well-coordinated products: 08 Complete system

Not only is PREFA the strong roof specialist, it also produces high-quality products for façades, roof drainage systems, flood protection and solar panel substructures—tested and coordinated system components for the outer building shell—exclusively installed by trained specialist companies.

Aluminium is fully recyclable.: 09 environmentally-friendly

Aluminium can be recycled as often as necessary without loss of quality. And what’s the best thing about that? The manufacture of secondary aluminium requires 95% less energy than that required to obtain primary aluminium. Aluminium’s light weight (less transport and construction site times) and durability (does not break, rust or freeze) also ensure its sustainability

40-year guarantee on colours and materials: 10 40-year guarantee

PREFA provides a 40-year colour and material guarantee on PREFA roofs and façades. This provides you with optimum protection against breakage, corrosion (rust), frost damage, chips and blistering.

Siding: Currently extremely popular

PREFA sidings are all-rounders when it comes to façade systems and are suitable for both traditional houses and striking modern architectural buildings. Installation in a horizontal, vertical, diagonal and offset arrangement results in a variety of possible visual designs.

Siding: Currently extremely popular

PREFA has been manufacturing façades, roofs and accessories made from sustainable aluminium for over 75 years.: PREFA is your reliable partner

PREFA Aluminiumprodukte GmbH has enjoyed success throughout Europe for over 75 years in the development, production and marketing of roof and façade systems made from aluminium. In total, the PREFA Group employs around 640 people in 23 countries. Over 5000 products for roof, façade, roof drainage, flood protection and solar panel installation systems along with the appropriate accessories are produced exclusively in Austria and Germany. Each year, 3200 installation partners are trained in nine training centres across Europe. The traditional company is part of the corporate group run by industrialist Dr Cornelius Grupp. The group employs over 8000 people in over 40 production locations worldwide.