PREFA aluminium façade systems: Bringing façades to life with aluminium

Discover PREFA façade systems: High-quality façade systems, manufactured in Germany & Austria

A building façade does more than just protect against the elements like snow, rain, wind and sun. When done properly, its heat insulation properties can also help to cut down on energy use. In addition, the cladding used on a façade is key to the character of any building. Choosing PREFA aluminium façade products means getting a high-quality, great-looking and cleverly designed all-in-one system for generations to come – produced in Germany and Austria.

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Function and structure of a PREFA façade

Some of the most spectacular constructions of our age have aluminium shells. Which is hardly surprising since aluminium is such a versatile material that is virtually unmatched. Aluminium is a very lightweight and yet solid and durable building material. Corrosion-resistant, recyclable and super easy to work with – behind every PREFA aluminium façade lies a host of outstanding properties.

In addition, all PREFA aluminium façade systems are produced as rainscreens. A system that has stood the test of time for over a century, the rainscreen originated in the harsh environments found in mountain regions, and also has a positive impact on the indoor climate thanks to its special structure. Air is allowed to circulate between the masonry and the PREFA façade, wicking away any occasional moisture behind the metal façade (instead of letting it creep into living spaces as condensation, for example).

In addition to being so robust, PREFA façade systems are also gorgeous to look at and allow almost limitless design combinations. The diverse range of colour and shapes speaks for itself. Whether you’re executing brand new visions or sprucing up older façades but want to keep the existing look, there are no limits to how creative you can get.

Aufbau einer hinterlüfteten Fassade mit Metall-Unterkonstruktion

PREFA façade products are all-in-one systems

That means: all façade elements and all installation components are coordinated and manufactured to the PREFA standard of quality you’ve come to expect. To ensure proper installation with a 40-year guarantee, PREFA façades may only be installed by trained professionals. Giving developers and renovators ultimate peace of mind. You can get prices for your new façade from installation partners near you:

The advantages of a PREFA aluminium façade

  • Versatile façade design – from eye-catching to reserved, your creativity will know no bounds.
  • Wide range of colours – choose from countless standard colours.
  • All-in-one system – perfectly coordinated accessories, all from a single supplier
  • Easy to work with – aluminium is easy to shape, making rounded designs easy to execute.
  • Back-ventilated façade – to improve the indoor climate in your home.
  • Durability – aluminium won’t crack or rust and is weather-resistant.

Aluminium – Durability, Sustainability

All our PREFA products are made predominantly from secondary, or recycled, aluminium. PREFA systems boast an extremely long lifetime and won’t weather, crack or rust. However, should you ever wish to freshen up your PREFA façade or roof, our products can be sorted according to type, making them easy to recycle – again and again (and again) without ever losing their quality. The light weight of aluminium products also makes for resource-efficient transport and has a positive impact on construction time.

PREFA façade products

Below you will find an overview of all our high-quality PREFA façade products with examples of real-life projects: 

PREFA rhomboid façade tiles: Modern classics reinterpreted

PREFA rhomboid façade tiles can spruce up traditional façade designs with a discreet scale effect. Available in three sizes – 20 × 20 cm29 × 29 cm und 44 × 44 cm – and with stucco or smooth surface layers. Requiring almost zero maintenance and with an innovative PREFA P.10 surface coating, the aluminium gives cladding an elegant, matte structure.

Detached house in a wooded area with a weather-resistant PREFA aluminium façade in light grey.

Detached house with a PREFA aluminium façade in light grey. The rhomboid façade tile 29 × 29 is ideal for cladding the side of a building that faces the direction of the prevailing weather.

PREFA façade schingles: A much-loved classic

façade schingles are among the most popular classics when it comes to façade design, combining the time-honoured rhomboid shape with the high-tech material of aluminium. With its fold-in-fold system and concealed fastening, the shingle is incredibly stormproof and weather-resistant. Choose from two different sizes, with the PREFA small-format façade schingle and XL façade schingle.

Wohnhaus mit PREFA Wandspanplatte in P.10 hellgrau an der Fassade

PREFA FX.12 façade panel: Make your cinema a reality

Experience the building shell of the future today. The FX.12 facade panel has a unique surface design thanks to its parallel and transverse cants. Depending on the time of day, the angle of the sun and the lighting, this building façade gleams in ever-changing colours, creating a fascinating look. This breathtaking effect and the irregular appearance of the façade will make every building truly unique.

Mittagszeit: Außenwandverkleidung mit FX.12 in P.10 Anthrazit

PREFA Siding and Siding.X: Façade design for lateral thinkers

Diagonal, horizontal or vertical, smooth, stucco or linear – even with PREFA Sidings, it’s modern architecture that takes the wheel. Looking for a new wood-effect façade? Want protection for the weather side or easy-care gable cladding? No matter what direction you go in, with PREFA Sidings you’ve made the right choice.

Want to spice up your façade cladding even more? The PREFA Siding.X façade panel will give your façade the distinctive look it deserves! In the Siding.X from PREFA, the many advantages of tried-and-tested sidings have been complemented with striking parallel and transverse cants, all whilst retaining their unique appearance.

The upper part of the semi-detached house was refurbished with the PREFA Siding.X façade element in P.10 stone grey. Next to it is the semi-detached house before the refurbishment for comparison.

PREFALZ from PREFA: A Sea(m) of Possibilities

The variety of shapes and colours from PREFALZ is impressive but also easy to explain. Made from aluminium, PREFALZ is more elastic than most comparable seam materials. Which also makes it easy to shape the way you want it. Whether you’re going for curves or perfect straight lines – shaping a curved façade won’t affect the paint quality at all. This means countless individual design combinations for this versatile and super lightweight façade product, a versatility almost unmatched by any other product.

Einfamilienhaus in Italien mit abgerundeter Dach- und Fassadenverkleidung aus PREFALZ in P.10 Anthrazit

PREFA aluminium composite panel: The façade is what gives your house its look

Thanks to the structure of the material, the aluminium composite panel is a particularly stable façade panel for small or big façades alike on detached houses, loft extensions or office buildings. A variety of different colours, sizes and gloss levels* combined with the ability to choose your fasteners individually – screws, rivets or adhesives – allow you to create an elegant and uniform appearance. Got big plans, visions and dreams? Make them a reality with modern aluminium composite panels.

*from 500 m²

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien mit PREFA Alu Verbundplatten in Tiefschwarz

Die Fassade der WU Wien, Österreich, wurde mit tiefschwarzen PREFA Verbundplatten aus Aluminium verkleidet. Die außergewöhnliche Optik macht das moderne Gebäude zu einem Hingucker.