Information about aluminium roof systems: Roof drainage systems can be attractive too.

A smart, complete gutter system

PREFA offers you a complete aluminium drainage system including mounting accessories from one supplier. From half round gutters to square downpipes, and from strainers to leader heads — no wish is left unfulfilled.

We rely on P.10 quality — with a 40-year colour guarantee

Since 2019, the colours brown, anthracite and light grey are available in the tried and tested P.10 quality and with the matt surface, now perfectly match the PREFA roof and façade systems.
The P.10 surface is a high-quality and easy to shape coating layer which does not peel. As the aluminium material does not rust either, there is no more need to carry out tedious repainting or touch-ups.



~ NCS 01 P.10 brown


S 8005-Y20R 02 P.10 anthracite7016

S 8502-B 07 P.10 light grey

The PREFA roof drainage system can make an impact on your building – but only if you want it to.

Either they help to present the building in the best possible light by blending harmoniously into the overall appearance virtually invisible, or they use all the power of colour to deliberately create highlights and emphasize the building’s architecture. Whichever way you prefer, PREFA’s complete aluminium gutter system opens up a whole world of colour.

Durable special coatings — perfect processing

The PREFA gutter is characterised by its high-quality surface treatment in a coil-coating procedure. This ensures that the coating layer is malleable and protected against general chemicals and weather conditions.

Guaranteed non-corrosive and low maintenance

All parts of the PREFA gutter system are made of aluminium – a non-corrosive material. The high-quality colour coating is ideal for the creative and functional requirements of your building’s exterior architecture.

Aluminium protects the environment.

The PREFA aluminium drainage system is the best choice from an ecological point of view too. Unlike conventional materials, aluminium does not release harmful heavy metals into the sewage water when gutters and pipes are constantly flushed out. Aluminium is 100% recyclable too.

You can find more information about our roof drainage systems under Half round gutter, Box gutter, On-roof gutter and Square downpipe.