DS.19 roof shingle

Large format, lightweight and practical to install

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The DS.19 roof shingle is not only a visual highlight, it can be installed starting at a roof pitch of only 17 degrees, setting new standards in this product segment.

At 480 × 262 mm, the DS.19 is slightly larger than the classic PREFA roof shingle and can therefore be installed even faster and more efficiently. Only eight pieces of DS.19 are required per m², and that with a (light) weight of just 2.75kg/m².

PREFA DS.19 roof shingle in P.10 anthracite with snow stoppers, dormer surrounds and chimney

The lightweight aluminium roof shingle DS.19 shows its strengths from the smallest area to the largest project. With their fold-in-fold system an, the DS.19 roof shingles, like all PREFA roof products, prove to be enormously storm-proof and weather-resistant. Thanks to the special design, they are also at their best visually.

The DS.19 roof shingles are suitable for classic-traditional roof structures, but they can also be used to create exciting contrasts in modern architecture.

Large roof and façade areas, covered with DS.19 roof shingles in P.10 anthracite, on the front side the façade was clad with wood

Colour table for DS.19 roof shingles

The range of colours for PREFA DS.19 roof shingles extends from the classic tile look to modern shades of grey and natural brown. The following PREFA roof colours are available as standard:

Colour overview (10)




01 Braun

P.10 brown


02 Anthrazit

P.10 anthracite


03 Schwarz

P.10 black


04 Ziegelrot

P.10 brick red


05 Oxydrot

P.10 oxide red


06 Moosgrün

P.10 moss green


07 Hellgrau

P.10 light grey


11 Nussbraun

P.10 nut brown


PREFA dunkelgrau ähnlich DB 703 oder RAL 7043

P.10 dark grey


43 Steingrau

P.10 stone grey



  • The RAL values stated are merely approximate values (~), some of which may differ vastly from the original PREFA colour and, under certain circumstances, may not reflect the subjective perception of the colour. 
  • Above all for colour quality P.10, it is almost impossible to define values due to the surface structure.
  • Plain aluminium: The guarantee does not cover surface appearance alterations caused by processing and environmental influences. Follow the instructions.
  • Metallic colours may vary in shade.
  • To identify exact colours for complementary components please consult original samples.

Benefits of PREFA roof shingles DS.19

For every project

from small to large projects

Modern look & wide range of colours in P.10 quality

Available in many standard colours with stucco surface, also available in smooth version upon request.

for a wide range of applications

installable from a roof pitch of 17 degrees

For every project

from small to large projects

Modern look & wide range of colours in P.10 quality

Available in many standard colours with stucco surface, also available in smooth version upon request.

for a wide range of applications

installable from a roof pitch of 17 degrees

Get inspired by the projects already implemented with PREFA DS.19 roof shingles.

Whether you’re installing a new roof or renovating your old roof, you’ll find many inspiring projects using aluminium DS.19 roof shingles from PREFA in our Reference Gallery and Renovation Gallery. You can also discover some PREFA reference projects right here:

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The small-format, particularly lightweight aluminium roof shingle shows its special strengths both on the smallest surfaces as well as in large projects. It allows for optimum realisations not only of straightforward new roofing, but also of complex renovation projects.

Do you have any further questions about the DS.19 roof shingle?

It would be great if we could give you an overall price here or tell you that a roof tile or façade single costs such and such an amount. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because each PREFA roof and façade needs to be carefully calculated by a specialist installer. Our professional roofers will give you an individual quote, tailored precisely to your requirements and the local conditions in which your house is located.

The standard ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 62305-3, which applies in Austria, serves as the basis for this regulation. Country-specific standards and regulations must therefore be taken into account.

Thanks to their light weight, PREFA roof tiles, shingles and rhomboid roof tiles, FX.12 roof panels are ideal for covering existing old roofs.

Small hail stones cannot damage a PREFA roof with a stucco surface. In the case of extremely large hail stones, as with all roofing materials, functional damage cannot be excluded. However, even in an extreme hail storm, the piercing of a PREFA roof can almost certainly be ruled out.

Aluminium materials are largely corrosion-resistant and rust-free!

Expert tip: The sound-absorbing strip makes the DS.19 roof shingle quieter

Aluminium roofs are quieter than their reputation would have you believe. Everyone perceives noise differently. To keep noise levels to a minimum, the DS.19 roof shingle has a noise-insulating strip (FD.TEC)already attached to it’s back. For even more comfort in residential buildings, we recommend additionally using a thicker separation layer.

Technical information


coil-coated aluminium, 0.7 mm thick

Standard finish



480×262 mm (cover), i.e. 8 pc./m²


approx. 2.75 kg/m²

Minimum roof pitch

17° (approx. 31%)

Supporting substrate and separation layer*

On fully boarded substrate (at least 24 mm), a separation layer is required for roof pitches between 17° and 25°; with snow loads greater than 3.25 kN/m² or in terrain categories 0, I or II, fully boarded substrate with a separation layer is required.

* Observe country-specific standards and specialist guidelines.

Standard fastening

indirect fastening, 1 PREFA patent clip and ring nail per DS.19 shingle (i.e. 8 PREFA patent clips and ring nails per m²)

Roof build up

PREFA aluminium roofs ideally have a ventilated build up, where the roof cover and thermal insulation  is separated by a ventilated gap. This means any occasional condensation can be wicked away.

For the most part, the roof  is ventilated, as can be seen in the first picture. However, the entire attic can be ventilated too (image on right).

Planning & Application

Our tinsmiths and architects can find specification documents and details on the DS.19 roof shingles for download here. Our installation partners can find installation manuals andinstallation tips for roofs, along with planning guidelines and the roof data entry form in the Service Area. (For tinsmith and roofing partner firms only – please have your log-in details ready. Don’t have any log-in details yet? Please contact your Local Sales Manager in that case).

Special note for our architecture and designstudios: 3D and BIM data, as well as textures for our products can also be found here: digital planning

Accessories for DS.19 roof shingle

You will find a list of matching accessories for the DS.19 roof shingle, from starter strips and ridge vents, through to snow stoppers, walkways and dormer surrounds here:

PREFA DS.19 fitting shingle

Fitting shingle DS.19

245 × 262 mm caution: not suitable for entire roof coverings but only as an enhancement for lateral connections on shingles DS.19

Patent clip

for shingles, DS.19 shingle, rhomboid roof tiles, R.16 roof tile and FX.12 roof panel

Strater strip for shingles, DS.19 shingle, rhomboid roof tiles, R.16 roof tile and FX.12 roof panel

1800 × 158 × 1,00 mm, pre-drilled

Ridge vent

3.000 × 1,00 mm, 1.200 × 1,00 mm, self-supporting ridge vent for ventilated roofs

Ridge vent end cap


Hip and ridge cap

500 × 1,00 mm

Hip cap end cap


Verge flashing

95 × 2.000 × 0,70 mm, with cleat strip

Safety valley

3.000 mm, with double lock standing seam (canted)

Bird screen

125 × 2.000 × 0,7 mm, with round perforations Ø 5/7 mm

Ventilation screen

with square perforations 6 mm, in the colours brown/anthracite and light grey/light grey, dimensions: 1,00 × 250 mm and 1,00 × 333 mm

Eaves drip edge

230 × 2.000 × 0,70 mm

Snow guard for R.16, FX.12 and DS.19


Bracket for pipe-style snow guard system

3 pipe openings

Haken XL für Schneerechensystem

mit 5 Durchzügen, optimal für PV-Aufdachanlagen

Snow guard pipe

3.000 mm; 25/25

Ice-retention bracket

Suitable for removable pipe

end piece for pipe-style snow guard system

for removable pipe

Abschluss XL für Schneerechensystem

für Einlegeprofil

Solarhalter für Photovoltaikanlagen auf PREFA Dächern inklusive Abdeckkappe

Solar bracket with protective cap

length: 260 mm

Sunny solar bracket

suitable for all PREFA small format products and standing seam systems.

Fix solar bracket

Suitable for all PREFA small format products. Fixed mounting: for flat connection with low overall height. Only suitable for working with PREFA profile rails. Not compatible with other products.

Vario solar bracket

suitable for all PREFA small format products. Variable mounting: flexible height adjustment to compensate for level differences. Only suitable for working with PREFA profile rails. Not compatible with other products.

Mountain snow guard bracket

For 140 mm log diameter

Safety tread

Adjustable for roof pitches between 12° and 60°; tested according to EN 516-1-A

Walkway support on one mount

250 mm; r roof pitches between 12° and 55°; tested according to DIN EN 516-1-A

Walkway support on two mounts

360 mm; roof pitches between 12° and 55°; tested according to DIN EN 516-1-B


250 × 420 mm, 250 × 600 mm, 250 × 800 mm, 250 × 1.200 mm, 360 × 800 mm, 360 × 1.200 mm; tested according to EN 516-1-A or rather EN 516-1-B

Walkway connector


Roof anchor hook

tested according to EN 517 – B

Roof anchor hook with mounts

tested according to EN 517 – B

Froschmaulluke für Dachschindel DS.19

480 x 262 mm, Lüftungsquerschnitt: ca. 30 cm²

Frog-mouth vent cover

for riveting, air intake section approx. 30 cm²

Ventilation cap

Ø 100 mm, roof pitch: from 12°

Flexible pipe collar 100

Ø 100 – 130 mm, permanently flexible EPDM pipe collar for roof openings made in the roof underlay

Vent pipe cover for DS.19 shingle

Ø 80 – 125 mm, roof pitches between 12° - 35°

Vent pipe cover for seaming

roof pitches between 12° - 52°, Ø 80 - 125 mm

Universal vent pipe cover 2 parts

roof pitches between 12° - 52°; for pipe openings Ø 40 - 120 mm

Base plate for rhomboid roof tile 44 × 44 and DS.19 shingle

length: 680 mm, width: 125 mm

Vario flashing

width: 120 – 600 mm, 600 – 1.020 mm, variable length 150 – 980 mm, roof pitches bewteen 12° – 55°

Roof hatch


Window surrounds for Roto & Roto-Q-series

available in many dimensions

Chimney cap

700 × 700 mm, 800 × 800 mm, 1000 × 700 mm, 1100 × 800 mm, 1500 × 800 mm

Roof conductor holder for lightning protection wire

clamping range: 2 – 8 mm; round wire mount: Ø 8 mm :

Special adhesive kit

Content: 1 cartridge of PREFA special adhesive 290 ml, 1 can of adhesive cleaner 60 ml, 1 piece of sandpaper, 1 cloth, 2 adapter nozzles