Aluminum coils stored on wooden pallets, with a plain aluminum coil in the foreground and further aluminum coils and sheets behind it.

Colour aluminium strips

PREFA aluminium coils and sheets are easy to process and are ideal for cladding gables, channels, window sills and the like.

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PREFA aluminium coils and sheets are made of highly malleable aluminium alloys. This makes them easy and safe to process - ideal for gable and channel designs, chimney and dormer surrounds, as well as dormer cladding and much more. PREFA aluminium coils and sheets are also used in the façade area (e.g. window sills and crannies).

Thanks to the wide range of colours, you will always find the right shade for a high-quality look – especially in combination with colour-coated gutters from PREFA. The coating is performed using the coil coating process and is permanently weather-resistant.

Rolled-up aluminium coil, with stucco embossing, coloured aluminium coil in brown

Important: Do not mix paint qualities!

Mixing coils and sheets with other coloured aluminum coils should be avoided at all costs due to the different paint qualities. valleys, gables, chimneys, flashings, etc., may only be made of aluminium coloured coils in polyester quality for different roof or façade systems than PREFA(not PREFA roofs or façades).

For flashings and trimmings respectively for supplementary parts for PREFA roof and facade system only coil material in an appropriate paint quality must be used. This is the only way to ensure colour uniformity in the long term.

Product overview

Complementary coil

1.100 mm, 1.200 mm

Complementary façade metal sheets

complementary façade metal sheets for use with siding, siding.X and PREFABOND aluminium composite panels

Colour aluminium coil with polyester coating

for claddings, flashings and cappings; not suitable for use as complementary coils on PREFA roofs and façades

Colour aluminium sheet in polyester quality

with and without protective film

Aluminium coil plain aluminium


Lochblech von PREFA

Perforated metal plate

with round perforations Ø 5/7 mm

Ventilation screen

with square perforations 6 mm, in the colours brown/anthracite and light grey/light grey, dimensions: 1,00 × 250 mm and 1,00 × 333 mm

Bird screen

125 × 2.000 × 0,7 mm, with round perforations Ø 5/7 mm

Joint connector plate uncanted

PREFA design wave (transverse, 6 mm); 0,70 × 550 × 2.000 mm