Aluminium composite panel

For great plans: Realise striking ideas on large surfaces with the PREFA aluminium composite panel.

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The aluminium composite panel consists of two aluminium sheets which are fusion-bonded to both sides of an FR core. Through the equal measure of chemical bonding and mechanical fastening, this combination is particularly robust. In this way, the aluminium composite panel ensures consistent evenness and stability, even on large-scale surfaces.

The aluminium composite panel is suitable for façade design and many construction methods.

  • Ventilated façade constructions
  • façade cladding
  • Balcony cladding
  • Door panels, modular partition walls, room dividers

Aluminium composite panel — Colour range

The aluminium composite panel is available in many colours:

  • Special colours and gloss level from 500 m² available on request.
  • All RAL colours available on request (subject to feasibility).

Colour overview (11)

Standard in-stock colours (from 6 m²)




02 Anthrazit

P.10 anthracite


03 Schwarz

P.10 black


10 Prefaweiß

P.10 prefa white


11 Nussbraun

P.10 nut brown


12 Silbermetallic

metallic silver


17 Reinweiß

pure white


PREFA dunkelgrau ähnlich DB 703 oder RAL 7043

P.10 dark grey


20 Rauchsilber

smoke silver


23 Schwarzgrau

black grey


44 Anthrazit matt

matt anthracite (own colour)


45 Bronze




  • The RAL values stated are merely approximate values (~), some of which may differ vastly from the original PREFA colour and, under certain circumstances, may not reflect the subjective perception of the colour. 
  • Above all for colour quality P.10, it is almost impossible to define values due to the surface structure.
  • Plain aluminium: The guarantee does not cover surface appearance alterations caused by processing and environmental influences. Follow the instructions.
  • Metallic colours may vary in shade.
  • To identify exact colours for complementary components please consult original samples.

Aluminium composite panel — Technical information

Coating on front:

DURAGLOSS 5000 is an exclusive Arconic paint with a recently developed coating made of high-quality polymer resin, and is available in four colours. The gloss level is between 3 and 80%.


FR core (fire retardant)

Coating on reverse:

Protective paint, suitable for adhesion, offers excellent corrosion protection. The coating direction is indicated by arrows on the back. This enables you to correctly align the tiles on the façade.

Standard dimensions:

thickness: 4 mm; width: 1,500 mm; length: 4,010 mm

usable dimension: 4,000 × 1,490 mm

Dimensions available on request (from 500 m²):

thickness: 4 mm; width: 1,000/1,250/1,500/1,750/2,000 mm; length: between 2,000 and 6,000 mm

Weight of the aluminium composite panel (FR):

4 mm = 7.5 kg/m²

Which is 3.4 times lighter than steel and 1.6 times lighter than pure aluminium.

Fire protection rating (aluminium composite panels FR):

Austria (EN 13501) – B-s1-d0
Germany (DIN) – B1

Switzerland (VKF) – 5.3

Temperature resistance:

between –50 °C and +80 °C

Linear thermal expansion:

A = 0.024 mm/m/°C (based on the aluminium cover plate)

Change in length at a temperature difference of 60 °C:

1.4 mm per metre

Aluminium composite panel — Planning and installation

More product information is available for downloading here.

Note: Download DWG and DXF format files by right-clicking and selecting “Save link as”.

Aluminium composite panel — Accessories

Joint backing strip

horizontal joint backing strip

P.10 anthracite, P.10 black, P.10 prefa white, P.10 nut brown, P.10 dark grey, metallic silver, smoke silver, pure white, matt anthracite, bronze more colours available on request

vertical joint backing strip

P.10 anthracite, P.10 black, P.10 prefa white, P.10 nut brown, P.10 dark grey, metallic silver, smoke silver, pure white, matt anthracite, bronze more colours available on request

Fastening product for metal substructures

façade rivet for composite panel — aluminium substructure

5 × 14 mm; screw head: 16 mm

fixed point bushing for fixed point

9.5 × 5.1 mm; to reduce bore holes from 9.5 mm to 5.1 mm

rivet nosepiece for composite panel

outer diameter: 49 mm

special drill bit for metal substructures

Ø 5.1 × 85 mm

single-handed spring-loaded boring fixture

borehole diameter: 9.5 mm (panel)

bracket boring fixture

Ø 9.5/5.1 mm

Fastening products for wooden substructures

façade screw for composite panel — wooden substructure

4.8 × 30 mm; head: 16 mm, including façade-centring joint; Ø 14 × 4 mm; head: 16 mm

façade-centring joint

Ø 14 × 4 mm; for centring and sealing fixing screws (aluminium composite panels installed on wood substructures)

EPDM joint tape

70 × 0.75 mm, 135 × 0.75 mm; for sealing joints on wood substructures

fixed point bushing for fixed point

8.5 × 5.1 mm; to reduce bore holes from 8.5 mm to 5.1 mm

special drill bit for wood substructures

DIN 338; Ø 3.3 mm

bracket boring fixture

Ø 9.5/3.3 mm; borehole diameter: 9.5 mm (panel) / 3.3 mm (substructure)

Accessories for processing aluminium composite panels

90° V-slot milling cutter

135° V-slot milling cutter

step drill bit

for working on aluminium composite panels and pre-drilling metal substructures

step drill bit depth stop

Ø 9.5 × Ø 5.1 mm

deburring tool handle

for direct mounting of blades (Ø 3.2 mm)

blades for deburring tool handle

Ø 3.2 mm

film cutter

For fixed point Ø 5.1 mm and sliding point Ø 9.5 mm

composite panel mounting aid

8 or 10 mm joint width; suitable for longitudinal and transverse joints